Send Money from India to United States

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use Findremit to send money abroad?

    Unfortunately, no. We are not a money transfer company. However, we help you pick the best international transfer options available. Once you enter details for where you want to send money abroad, we give you a list of providers and direct you to their sites to start your transfer.

  • Why can I not simply use my bank to transfer money?

    You can, but banks aren’t always well-equipped to handle overseas money transfers. They often have hidden fees tacked onto their international payments and foreign exchange rates, which is why money transfer companies are recommended. We help you choose the cheapest provider based on costs, transfer times, payment methods, and real-time exchange rates.

  • How does Findremit help me find the best international transfer methods?

    Our comparison tool does the work for you. We employ an advanced system that compiles a list with a cost analysis of different services and companies. Once you type in details about where you’re sending money to, we give you a variety of options arranged by cost efficiency and transaction speeds. Additionally, you can choose our top recommendations for your requirements or compare companies by your standards.

  • How do I find the best exchange rates?

    We provide you with the latest information about exchange rates and alert you when your preferred currency reaches your desired price so you can do your transfers at unbeatable prices.

  • How do money transfers work and how long do they take?

    Transaction times differ from company to company; however, we help you pick the fastest way to send money abroad with our comparison tools. The process usually follows these steps:
    • Choose your preferred service provider.
    • Set up an account after being redirected to their website.
    • Deposit the amount and fees in your currency.
    • The company converts it into the recipient’s currency and transfers it within a set time.

  • How do I know a provider is trustworthy?

    As part of our commitment to transparency and quality, we only list companies and providers that are regulated, secure, and have a well-established reputation for their services. You can carry out further verification on whether a company is trustworthy by going through the reviews on their company websites.