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The FindRemit story

How we were founded

It All Started

Findremit was built on the cornerstone of transparent service delivery. We provide relevant, and up-to-date information about money transfers and financial services in the market. Our journey began at our Mumbai, India headquarters where we began with a goal to deliver fast, concise and accurate information about the range of options available in sending money abroad.

At Findremit, we believe that transferring money between countries should come with benefits for all parties involved – the senders, the receivers, and even the provider. We are on a mission to help you find cheap money transfer options and save more on exchange rates.

With so many companies to choose from, choosing the right provider can be a tough decision. We help you find, compare, and review transfer providers side-by-side so you can select the one that gives you the best value for your money.


Our mission is twofold

to make your money transfers easy and convenient, while finding to help you to save on expensive fees along the way

How Do We Help Our Users Save Money?

Our job is to help you find the best provider for your international payment needs. We do this by comparing well-known providers from around the world to help you select the perfect transacting partner.

With our easy-to-use comparison tool, users can find, compare, and review information from multiple money transfer systems listed in a single feed. We provide real-time exchange rates and data, so users can make informed decisions based on updated prices, speed, security, and payment options available to them.

A Platform Where Providers Benefit Too

Our service is entirely free of cost, allowing us to reach a larger audience than subscription-based tools and websites. We provide our participating money transfer companies with a platform to promote their services and reach customers, eliminating the need for expensive advertising while their lucrative offers, promotion offers, and positive reviews help them acquire clients.

Findremit partners with reputable transfer providers to help us serve our customers better without giving special exposure to certain companies. We earn a small referral fee from the participating money transfer company you choose, allowing us to keep our service free and transparent.

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